Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Bloomin' Tuesday

The weather was a little cooler today but they are promising us triple digit weather by the end of the week! I still have so much color in my garden. I worked out in the garden all day today, collecting seeds and planting shoots of my Hydrangeas. Here is the plant that I have taken shoots from.
I have been very successful taking shoots from this plant and making new plants. It is very easy to do. You can do it at the beginning of summer or during winter when you take cuttings.
Here is Rooting Cuttings Instructions:

1. Take a cutting from a branch of the hydrangea shrub about 5-6" long.
2. Remove the lower leaves of the bottom two leaf nodes. (See picture above #2 & #3)
3. Cut largest leaves down to about half their size.
4. Dip cuttings in rooting hormone and insert into damp soil.
5. Water pot well and allow to drain. You can place plastic on top to give a green house effect if you wish. (I don't) Make sure soil is kept moist but not soggy.

TIPS: Place cuttings in bright light not in the sun. If you live in a area where you have a harsh winter, you could bring the pots indoor or sink pots into the ground and cover with lighweight mulch and then cover with large clay pots. Do not let the soil get to soggy or the cuttings will rot.

Free Seeds Offer:

Last week Jean offered some seeds of her plants. I would also like to offer free seeds from some of my blooms. Below are pictures of the actual plants you will be getting seeds from. Just let me know which ones you would like and email me your address. You can find my email address on my profile page. The seeds are being offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Rudbeckia Hirta - Margarita Gloriosa Daisy

Yellow Marigolds

"Sunburst" Gaillardia Aristata Burgundy Picotee

Giant Shasta Daisies


Pacific Giant Delphiniums

For more Bloomin' Tuesday posts please go visit Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog!


Aiyana said...

So many pretty flowers! Triple digits? We have been having really cool days here--long time coming. I don't have much going on in my garden at all as far as blooms. It's either too hot, or suddenly, too cold.

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness -- triple digits! Well, your garden is certainly thriving in that heat! Love the hydrangeas -- just beautiful. The delphiniums are also a favorite of mine and the color of yours are so pretty!

Unknown said...

Your Hydrangea is so pretty. Mine are coming along now that I have relocated them once more and they seem happy now. I just cut a piece of mine and root it in water. I would love any seeds that you would like to share. As I have stated before, I am going through my seeds to see what I have to offer as well.

Deb said...

Thanks for the rooting instructions! Your hydrangea look wonderful still. Yesterday we had snow - today rain. No more blooms in my garden to show so I am enjoying looking at yours today!

Sweetie said...

Hi Ann - Thanks for your tips. I am planting Hydrangeas for sure in the spring.

SmilingSally said...

I look at your post and say, "I love Hydrangeas." (They don't grow this far south.) "Oh, the marigolds!" "Uh, the zinnias." Your garden is so beautiful.

Jean said...

I never knew you could grow a hydrangea that way! Great information! Jean

Mary said...

Such beautiful blooms. Thanks so much for sharing. My gardens are so bleak at this time of year. It's past time for any flowers to bloom, though I do have one blanket flower that's hanging on.

Enjoyed my visit.

Grammy said...

Hi Anne,
Shasta Daisies are one of my favorites. I love all your blooms.
Have a great week.

Cottage Rose said...

Ann I would love some of your seeds, just so I could say that when the seeds thrive that plant is my connection with Ann, unfortunately I can not bring them into Australia due to our strict quarantine laws.
Sounds like you are having a heatwave too!
My hydrangeas are just starting to show heads.
take care

Annie said...

Oh how I wish you could post seeds overseas!! It all looks wonderful, and your tips for cuttings was excellent.

Paula said...

Those are all gorgeous, Miss Ann! You truly have a green thumb!

Sharon said...

So enjoy your lovely pictures of flowers, we had a frost in Ohio and have no more flowers in the yard. i will come and check out your blooms each blooming Tuesday

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