Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything is coming up PINK again!

Today is Pink Saturday again. So I went around the house and took pictures of Pink things!

This is a beautiful two-toned Pink Rose

The Flower is called Double Delight. The pictures look red but it is really a dark Pink.

Every rose flower looks different

The Bush is very full of blooms and they make the best cut flowers for a vase!

A Pink Petunia Bush full of pink blooms!

When my grand daughters come over to the garden, they use this Pink butterfly net and Pink bug catcher!

This just opened this morning, a beautiful Pink Lily flower in the Koi pond

A pretty Lantana Pink Flower

A Beautiful Pink Gerbera Daisy. I have this plant in a pot on my patio, they make the best potted plants. They love lots of water in a well drained pot and lots of light! Mine stay green all year long and bloom from Spring through FallHow about my Pink Barbie Clock Radio too??

Thanks for joining me this Pink Saturday. If you click on the Pink Saturday picture above you can go on over to Beverly's Blog at How Sweet the Sound and view other Pink Saturday Posts!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whats Blooming in the Garden today!

Its another blooming Tuesday so lets go out in the garden and see what's blooming today!

Pink Roses

Red Hibicus

Pink Hibiscus

Pink Dianthus

My Red Cyclamens - They are just starting to bloom and they will last all through winter and will die out around springtime! This is a perfect winter plant for Southern California! In one area of my front yard I have hundreds of red and white cyclamens plants and they are in full bloom around Christmas time. It is just beautiful!

Rudbeckia Margarita Gloriosa Daisies

Thank you for visiting me in my garden today. Now get on over to Miss Green Thumb Jean Blog and see other beautiful gardens!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lots of Pink around the house

Today is Pink Saturday so here is my contribution to PINK SATURDAY!

Click on the picture to visit other Pink Saturday Posts!

A cute pink candy dish!

A Pink Mosaic table with a Pink China Shoe!

A cute Pink Mosaic Bird house

Some of my Pink Hydrageas are still blooming!

Pink glass door knobs on my closet

A very beautiful Pink Daisy bush!

And finally a cute Pink candy dish I picked up a while ago on Ebay.
Hope you enjoyed your Pink visit at my home and garden!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vintage Earrings, Brooches and Rhinestones

Today is Show and Tell Friday. I like to collect vintage earrings, brooches, rhinestones, etc. This is how I display them around the house

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Blooming Tuesday!

I haven't posted in a week since the last Blooming Tuesday! I have been out of town at our vacation home on the Colorado River and just got home last night. Lets go out in the garden and see whats blooming and whats new in the garden!

I have been busy doing some Mosaics and I have made these darling Mosaic Stepping Stones using broken china pieces. They were so much fun to make and so easy!

Here is a close up of the Stepping Stone. Lots of blues and pinks

This one I added a touch of green and it looks good with the green grass

Here is a close up shot of the mosaic pieces

My fall Chrysanthemums are starting to bloom!
White Rose Bush is full of blooms

My hand made gourd birdhouse. After I cut a hole and paint them, I like to seal them with a sealer and they will last years in your garden!

Yellow Day Lilies

One of my cute fall birdhouses, a ceramic corn on the cob!

Well, here comes Charlie my pet turtle. He has been following me around the yard for the past 15 minutes while I have been taking pictures....just hoping I have some food for him!

Now get on over to Jean's Green Thumb Blog and look at more beautiful gardens on Blooming Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed your walk with me through my garden. I am going to go feed a poor starving Turtle some carrots!

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