Friday, February 25, 2011

My Vintage Barbie Collection

I am a collector of many things, but this is my most prize collection. My Vintage Barbie Doll Collection. I have been collecting a lifetime. I thought I would post pictures of it for Pink Saturday!

My husband built me the ultimate place to display my collection. A fake pink and turquoise blue store front. On the left are some of my vintage barbies and clothes, in the middle behind the front doors are my Holiday Barbies, and on the right is a mix of some vintage dolls, items, Ornament Tree and newer collector Barbies.
I had a custom made neon sign made that says, Barbie and Friends I have at least one if not more of every Barbie they have ever made from 1959-1970 plus their friends

My pride and joys, my #1 Barbies.
My #2 Barbie and a few of my #3 Barbies
Behind the fake front doors of the store is my collection of Holiday Barbies. I have every one they ever made from 1988 through 2010. My newer collection of Barbies. These are some of the Collectibles ones they have made like Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, etc.

I also have in my collection some of the dolls that came dressed in a outfit and not in a swim suit. They were kinda rare to find. Their boxes were different with a blue stripe.

My American Dolls

Every doll has a label with it's description and year
I have almost every outfit from 1959 to 1970. Most of them are in the package and have never been opened!
Barbie and Ken Paper dolls and a barbie diary
I have every Pak they ever made except for one. :( I am missing the Fur Hat and Bag Pak from 1963. (I have been trying to find it for over 20 years and I can't) This is a few of the paks I have hanging on the wall on hooks.

This is the Bild Lili Doll from 1955. This is the German doll that Mattel used to create Barbie. I bought this doll on ebay from someone in Germany. I have the large and the small Bild Lili Dolls. This doll completed my collection!

A few vintage Barbies wearing some very popular outfits, Barbie's very rare Mink Stole, Easter Parade, Suburban Shopper and Roman Holiday

Barbie's Sports Car. She use to drive around town with Ken.

Barbie wearing American Airlines Stewardess outfit. I also have the outfit in a never opened package from the 60s. She also came with her Airplane, that is down on the floor next to my record player.

This is my PINK Barbie Ornament Tree where I display all my Barbie Collectibles Ornaments. I keep it in the window all year long.
This is one of my favorite outfits from the 60s. Its called Enchanted Evening with a beautiful silk pink dress , white fur stole, long white gloves,see through shoes and a pearl necklace. Here I have a vintage ponytail barbie from the 60s displaying the vintage outfit, then I have the vintage outfit from 1960 that is still in the package, never opened. I also have the newer Anniversary Barbie where they recreated her wearing that dress and I have the collector plate. This is my record player when I was a little girl. It still works! I have displayed on it Barbie sings records. She actually made some recordings in the early 60s and had them on records!
The Barbie store is inside our huge 12,000 sq foot Museum (in our back yard!) where we house some of our other collectibles in fake store front buildings and our vintage cars and other vintage items. Come back later this week and I will show you what is inside the building next to my Barbie Store, a vintage Barber Shop!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Handmade Stained Glass Window

I haven't participated in a while with Sue at It's A Cherry World for Rednesday. I love the color RED.

My husband has a 1962 Chevy Corvette in his car collection and I made him a stained glass window with his RED 62 Vet. I was so proud of it because I did not use a pattern, I actually drew the picture myself and cut out all the glass.

He installed it above a door to his Speed Shop store front inside his car garage.
It's not a real Speed Shop store, its a fake front so that he can display some of his collectibles inside the windows. We have actually built fake store fronts all along the walls of the inside of this building. It looks like a town inside a garage. Each building displays one of our collections. I will be doing a separate post on each collection in each building. Here is a peek at my Barbie and Friends store. Be sure to come back for Pink Saturday this Saturday, February 26th and see what's inside this store! It's my years of collecting every Barbie and friend and clothes from 1959 through 1970. If you ever played with Barbie when you were a little girl, you don't want to miss seeing this fabulous collection!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mosaic Stepping Stool

For Pink Saturday I am going to post pictures of a Mosaic Stepping Stool I just got done with. I love the way it came out!

Here is a close up of the top. I love all the pink in it.

It looks so good in my kitchen but hopefully it won't last long, I have listed it on my Anne Fannie's Etsy Store!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

A PINK Valentine Post

Today I am hooking up with Tootsietime for Fertilizer Friday and How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. Be sure to go by and check out each one of their blogs!

I have several plants of Cymbidium Orchids that I inherited from my father. He use to love and nurture his plants. Before he past away, he gave me some plants and they have multiplied into some big beautiful plants. I keep them in my patio and during February and March they start to get huge buds on them. Here is one small plant that has already bloomed and I brought inside the house to admire it whenever I walk by!

Whenever I see one of these flowers it makes me think of my Dad and how much I miss him.

I love vintage planters. Here are some of my vintage Valentine Planters from the 40s and 50s. I love to display them during the Valentine Holiday.

Have a Happy Valentine Day. Here is a Valentine for YOU!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A February Southern California Garden

I haven't posted on my blog or visited anyone for 3 weeks! I have been so sick with Bronchitis.
I was feeling a lot better today so I took a stroll out in my garden with my camera.
This post is why I live in Southern California and will never move.
First thing I did was pick a beautiful bouquet of PINK flowers for my kitchen. Where else in the US can you pick flowers in your garden in February? I have these flowers growing and multiplying like weeds in my garden. Because I have so many of them, I have fresh flowers every month of the year.
Here are some of those flowers in the garden. I have them growing in dark pink, light pink and lavender. I saw some at a nursery in yellow and I am going to get me a few plants next time.
Every winter this bush gets covered with red berries!
I love my Geranium plants. I have them in every color. They are just starting to bloom.
I love these flowers. They are called ice plant and in the spring time they are a carpet of flowers! I hope they keep their blooms till spring. They seem to be blooming very early this year.

Spring has come a little early here at the Green Acres. Some of my spring bulb plants have also bloomed!

My Christmas Poinsettias are still going strong!

All my daisy bushes are in bloom. I have them in pink, white, lavender and yellow.

See that shadow in this picture behind my huge daisy bush?

That is our 30 foot windmill!

I am hooking up today with Tootsie Time at Fertilizer Friday and Beverly at Pink Saturday. Be sure to go visit each one!
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