Thursday, July 31, 2008


Kelli at There is no place like home is hosting a Show and Tell Friday. I thought it would be fun to join her this Friday.

I have a collection of Vintage Sand Pails and Children's Watering Cans that I would like to show you. I have been collecting these for the past 10 years.

I keep this collection at our Vacation Home on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona. "The River" is what us Southern Californians call it. Since we have a little beach out in front of our place on the river, I thought Vintage Sand Pails and Vintage Watering Cans would be a great collection to decorate with.

I have over 40 of these items. Most are from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

I also like to collect the Vintage Shovels.

I have them displayed on top of all the windows and doors in our living room there.
I made all the shelves myself by painting wood planks and buying wood shelf holders at Home Depot. Our decor there is red, white and blue, so I painted my shelves red.

When I have visitors there, and they get done looking at all the Watering Cans and Sand Pails, they can look below under the shelves out the windows and doors and this is what they see.......

Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Blooming Today!

Today is blooming Tuesday hosted by Jean at Jean's Green Thumb. Since I am not at home but at one of our vacation homes, I thought I would post what is blooming there in my garden!

One of my favorite flowers is Shasta Daisies. They are so easy to care for and so low maintenance, they seem to take care of themselves while I am gone.

Because we have gophers and ground squirrels so bad eating all our plant's roots, I have most of my flower's root ball in a huge chicken wire cage burried underground. It works great!

The bees are so much fun to photo!

My roses are so full of blooms, when ever I go there, I make sure I cut off all the dead roses to promote more blooms!

My little black bear looking over my garden while I am not there

So after doing a little gardening we all took off for a little ride. Don't we have the cutiest hood ornaments on our boat? They love to go for a boat ride!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


It's Pink Saturday again at Anne Fannie's Green Acres!
Beverly at How Sweet the Sounds is again hosting a Pink Saturday and we are to post pictures of pink things!
So here we go again! I still haven't run out of pink things yet!

My pink Mosaic Cake Plate I made with a faux pink cupcake
Bright Pink Gerbera DaisiesHere are a few more pink things blooming in the yard today.......

And last, here is a picture of two of my sweet little granddaughters, Madisen and Morgan wearing their pink matching sweatshirts!

Hope you enjoyed my pink Saturday post today. Get on over to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and check out some other Pink posts!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gourd Birdhouses

Patty at Attic Full of Clutter had a giveaway for 3 of her home grown gourds and I am so excited because I won them!

Today in the mail I received them, aren't they just gorgeous?

I love making birdhouses out of gourds. If you are artistic you can paint anything you want on them

If you can't draw you can either leave them alone or paint them any color

This is one I drilled a hole by using a hole attachment to my drill

Then I painted it yellow and speckled it black. I also drilled a tiny hole and glued a wooden dowel as a perch. I then drilled 2 holes in the top and hung it with wire

This is one that the perch is made out of a twig branch

This one does not have a perch or hole, I installed it on a bamboo stick and just stuck it in the yard. It really looks cute just sitting there especially during the fall & winter months. It sits about 4 feet tall. I like to leave the long stem on them, it gives them character!

This one has large holes on each side with wooden perches and is made into a feeder. You put bird seed inside and the birds sit on the perches and eat

I again want to thank Patty at Attic Full of Clutter for sending me these beautiful gourds. Be sure to check out her blog at Attic Full of Clutter or visit her webpage where she sells these beautiful gourds at She grows lovely gourds and sells them at great prices too!

I am off to my craft room to paint these new gourds!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today is Blooming Tuesday, lets go out in the garden and see what's blooming today!

This tricycle is one of my latest Garage Sale finds. I think it looks so cute in the garden with flowers on it! A old tree stump with a bird bath on it surrounded by pink petunias

This Hibiscus bush is over 12 feet tall. It is full of beautiful flowers. I have taken a picture of one of the white and pink flowers close up below.

This is one of the Hibiscus flowers close up.

I even have Pumpkins!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my garden on Blooming Tuesday~ Now, get on over to Jean at Miss Green Thumb Jean and see all the other beautiful gardens!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's Pink Saturday at Anne Fannie's Green Acres.

I have posted some pictures of some pink stuff around the house

This is a TV tray I have added pink broken china pieces to in a mosaic design. I just love how it came out.

This is a huge pink Mosaic Wall art I have hanging in one of my guest bedrooms

My Grand daughter Harper in a cute pink dress!

My Grand daughter Megan all dressed up in a pink helmet and pink outfit to go in Grandpa's race car!

Now we will move out to the garden and see what's blooming in pink today.......

Now get on over to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound to check out other Pink saturday posts!
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