Friday, October 31, 2008



Have a great haunting tonight!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

Today is Blooming Tuesday. Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog has us post pictures of things blooming in our garden each Tuesday.

Today it is 96 degrees. I am so sick of the hot weather. I do not remember it ever still being this warm at the end of October. The heat is causing havoc in my garden! I have some flowers blooming that don't usually bloom this time of the year! And some of my fall and winter plants that are starting to come up are wilting because of the heat!

My Day Lilies which are usually starting to go dormant this time of the year are still blooming

I love Ornamental Grass plants. This is one that I have by the pool area. It is around 5 feet tall and it stays like this all year round

Last week I posted pictures of a plant with a strange looking bloom with yellow flowers that I did not know the name of it. I found out yesterday it is a Yellow Flowering Ginger Plant. Here is a picture of that bud starting to bloom and a picture of the whole plant area

I have a faux river bed running through part of my garden with lots of Ornamental grassesThis plant has blue flowers all summer long then in the fall it gets yellow berries all over it
This is a Orange and Red Asclepias plant. The flower bloom looks pretty but when it turns to seed it looks like cotton and it has black seeds all over it

The Bees are still so busy on the water lettuce plants in my Koi Pond

Water Hyacinths look so pretty in the Koi pond when in bloomMy Fall Pink hardy Camellia plant has blooms all over it. Should be in bloom in a week or two

My Toad houses are still vacant. They should start getting visitors when the rains and cooler weather hits....(sigh) one day

I love to pick these flowers for vases in my home. Only problem is that they bloom in the spring and early summer. They are so confused!
My Roses are still going very strong. Here are just a few of them

The hot weather is even keeping Charlie the Turtle from his winter nap
Thank you for visiting me today on Blooming Tuesday. Please go visit Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog for more Blooming Tuesday posts!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Blue Monday

How fun it is to participate in Blue Monday! Sally at Smiling Sally hosts Blue Monday each Monday and we participate by posting something blue on our blog!

As I was walking around trying to decide what to post for Blue Monday, I noticed my husband playing with two of his vintage cars from his collection. They are Blue!

This is a blue 1965 Chevy Corvette Stingray. What makes this car so special is that it's all original, and that is the same Nassau Blue paint job that it had when it came off the assembly line in 1965. This car only has 27,000 original miles on it! We purchased this car around 10 years ago on ebay. It was in Pennsylvania and we live in California! We immediately looked at each other and screamed "Road Trip"! We flew to Pittsburgh and bought the car and drove it all the way home! It took us 10 days as we toured across the United States. We only drove on the old highways through all the little towns staying off all the Express Ways, Freeways or Main Highways. The owner of the car wanted to cry when we told him we were going to drive it to California because at that time it had less than 25,000 original miles on it and it had been parked since the late 60's because it had belonged to his best friend that had passed away. We still cannot believe that it made it all the way home!

This one is my favorite of all our Muscle cars. It's a 1957 Convertible Chevy Belair and it's turquoise blue! It's a real looker when it's top is down!Please click here and go visit Sally's Blog for more Blue Monday posts!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Pink Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday! Beverly at Home Sweet the Sound has Pink Saturday every Saturday and we are to post pictures of pink things!

Let's look around and see what's PINK around the house today......

I have made some cute PINK ornaments for my Grand Daughters.....

This is a PINK Star Ornament for Morgan This is a PINK Teddy Bear Ornament for Madison
I taught a Mosaic Class 2 weeks ago at my church and this is what I taught, How to make these large PINK Mosaic HeartsI have also been making Homemade Tags for my yearly stash. Here are some cute ones with PINK Roses

I love fresh cut PINK Roses from my garden for my Kitchen counter!

Last week I took two of my Grand children to Disneyland. This is a picture I took of Megan standing in front of the Princess Castle. Check out how PINK the Sky looks!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Decorations

Today is Show and Tell Friday so I thought I would show some of my Halloween decorations!

I love Halloween decorations especially the ones that look Vintage

I also have a collection on my Mantel of the Halloween decorations made out of Paper Mache

I love this Witch Broom Parking Meter on my front porch that says if the witch is in or out......

My welcome sign in my front yard "Welcome all my Creepy Friends"

My graveyard under my 200 year old Ash tree in the front yard complete with rod iron fencing, head stones, bones, chains, signs, etc.

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