Monday, September 29, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

Today is Blooming Tuesday. I thought I would show some pictures of my Gerbera Daisies that I have blooming in my garden today. I just love these flowers. They stay green all year long with their big leafy leaves and from summer through fall they bloom beautiful flowers in every color!



Dark Orange


Dark Pink


Here are some fruit and vegetables I still have in my garden today


Zucchini Squash and Cherry Tomatoes

My Black Fig Tree is full of figs and they are just starting to turn black

Our Apple Tree full of delicious green apples

Years ago our property use to be a Avocado Grove. This is one of the remaining Avocado Trees. Its loaded with Avocados

My Orange Tree is full of Oranges. They should be ready to harvest around the first of the year as long as we don't have any frost mornings!

Here are some pumpkins that I harvested from my yard. I think it looks funny to see a fall pumpkin arrangement with pink roses in the back ground!
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Blue Monday

This is my second week for Blue Monday. Sally at Smiling Sally loves the color Blue so she has Blue Monday where she invites us to post things that are Blue!

This is a Mosaic Plate that I have made using beautiful dark blue broken china pieces

I love the dark blue heart in the center

At our vacation home on the Colorado River in Parker Arizona this is part of the collection I have there of Blue Tea pots, Blue Fiestaware, vintage Blue laddles, etc. I have the whole place decorated in Red, White and Blue so there is lots of Blue there!

My husband collects Vintage cars and this is one of his babies. It's a 1969 Ford Mustang that he completely restored himself. I love the dark Blue he painted it.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's a PINK Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday.

It's so much fun to play along and post pictures of PINK around your home every Saturday.

I love to pick up at Antique Stores cup and saucer sets if they have Pink Roses!

This is a cute Tea Pot with Yellows and PINKS

I love this pattern its called Virginia Rose by Homer Laughlin. When ever I see anything in this pattern on Ebay I try to buy it.

My Southern California garden still has lots of PINK

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

It's another Show and Tell Friday. This week I am going to show you a area in my yard that I am currently working on. I needed a shed to store my pond supplies near my Koi Pond so I came up with this great idea.

This is a reproduction of a Outhouse! It looks exactly like a old Outhouse made out of old barn wood, a tin roof and it even has a chimney air vent!
This area was all overgrown with shrubs so I removed the bushes in my way, put down flat rocks I found around the yard as stepping stones , planted ground cover in between the stones, put rocks as edges leading up to the Outhouse. My husband put down a small cement pad and he screwed the Outhouse down to the cement pad so the wind won't blow it over. I then covered the cement pad with dirt so that you can't see it.

On one side I hung up a old saw, a old pitch fork, a old animal trap and old horse bit.

The other side I have a old license plate, a old rake, saws, a old watering can and a star.

I love the moon cut out in the door, the hanging lantern, the air vent and especially the antlers above the door!

The inside even has a toilet hole!

While I was snapping pictures for Show and Tell Friday, my husband decided to make fun of me and jumped into the Outhouse and yelled, "Hey, here's a picture for your blog"................I think next time he will think about it before he makes fun of me and my blog.......

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