Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pretty Spring Garden Art and How To Clean Your Bird Feeders

I love turning my garage and flea market finds into decorations for the garden. Here is a cute romantic yard decor that I made out of a old china gravy boat, old china plates, a old silver spoon,a vintage jewelry brooch and a piece of a old staircase post!

I love my pink daisy bush too! A sure sign that spring is NEAR!

Everything is epoxy or screwed together to last years in your garden. I have even painted and sealed the wood staircase pole to with stand the outside elements too

I love the touch of the vintage brooch on the spoon's handle!

This can be used as a bird feeder, bird bath or just plain garden decor

Do you ever wonder how to easily clean your garden
bird feeders or ceramic bird baths?

Here is a tea cup bird feeder that is over 6 years old. I always leave it in the garden all year long. This is it at the start of this month, all dirty and crusty with water deposits, mud and dirt. Yuck!

I pour CLR into the cup and plate. You can actually watch it start to break up all the deposits. I leave it to clean about 5 minutes. No need to scrub, CLR will do it all.

Just take a hose and rinse it clean! Here it is 5 minutes later all clean and ready for its spring visitors!

To see more of my tea cup bird feeders and garden decor, please click here!


Julie Harward said...

They are so cute! I have used CLR before on hard water stains and it didn't work, I am so amazed to see it work here! I really love the tea cups and the gravy boat is really cute too. Come say hi :D

Deb said...

so cute...and wonderful cleaning advice...

Darla said...

Love these tea cup feeders!!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Absolutely beautiful! i love the gravy boat and plate! i love the teacup and saucer too. i think I would love any of the one you have made! LOL

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ann, your cups are so pretty. I love to see what you do in your garden. Mine is an absolute mess after several freezes this winter, and I have got to shake a leg this weekend to get it spruced up. Thanks for these tips. I love them!


Sheila :-)

cathysrunning said...

Those are fabulous! I never would have thought of that! Now I have an idea for what to do with some tea cups that I no longer display! Thanks for sharing!

Gail said...

Love, love the feeder. Now if I just had a garden to put one in, maybe this year. LOL. Great job.

Doreen Frost said...

Tea cup feeders..what a wonderful idea!!!


Unknown said...

Anne, I had to take a peek back! OMGosh girl! I LOVE your pretty birdfeeders. You are so clever and came up with such a pretty, functional, and clever idea! I also like the CLR idea.

Ok, I'll be back for your Pink Saturday post!


Sign Of The Dimes said...

Thank you for the CLR hint! I will try this and thank you many times in the future I am sure! Love your blog!

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