Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pink Saturday - My Childhood Memories

Today is Pink Saturday and Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound asked us to post something about our Holiday Childhood Memories.
My childhood memories are all in this house, the house I grew up in. I have the most wonderful holiday childhood memories full of love, laughter, happiness and food with my Italian Family. When I went to look for a picture of the house I grew up in, I noticed it is painted a very light PINK!
My Mom still lives in this house today, and I just had to post a picture of the side yard where it shows I got my green thumb from my Mom! Look at those beauiful flowers and most of them are different shades of PINK!
I remember one year, Santa Claus came. My sister and I ran to the living room to see what he brought us and we each got a Tiny Tears Doll dressed in a pink outfit. That pink outfit is long gone, but I still have the doll and here she is today.
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The Quintessential Magpie said...

I can't believe you still have your Tiny Tears! Mine is long gone, but oh, how I remember getting it! LOL!

What a pretty home and such amazing flowers! You're not kidding when you say she has a green thumb like yours.

Thanks for sharing this with us today.

Happy PS!


Sheila :-)

SmilingSally said...

Now that's a lovely pink home; it looks like California, Arizona, or Florida. I grew up with a beautiful garden as my dad had a green thumb. My sister and brother both do, but the gene was not passed on to me!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Ann,
What a nice Christmas memory! I love your mother's pink house! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.


♥Mimi♥ said...

On this first Saturday of December ♥Jappy Pink Saturday♥. I was away for a while and sure missed running around the blogs arnd seeing all of the goodies everyone was sharing.

Thanks for the memory...I had a Tiny Tears, too, but long ago it was given to our church by my mom for other children to play with while in the nursery. Gosh, do I ever wish I had it now.

It was a blessing for you to make my morning so much fun. Hoping that you and those you care about spend a wonderful weekend making memories that will last a lifetime☺

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh sweet...! How very special that your mom still lives in your childhood home. Her gardens of flowers are just exquisite...such a labor of love. I remember Tiny Tears! Never had my own, but I'm sure one of my sisters must have had one. Sweet post!

Marie said...

What a gorgeous pink post! Happy PS, I am so jealous of the flowers.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Charmed giveaway!

GwendolynKay said...

What beautiful flowers! The doll is darling, how wonderful that you kept it all these years. Pink Blessings!

Lori E said...

Okay first put some clothes on that doll, she looks so cold.
I love the old pictures on the table with her. Priceless.

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Cute little doll. You are truly blessed to haven gotten a green thumb from your mother. Her garden is lovely!

Christi @ A Southern Life

lillie mae acres said...

It's wonderful that you still have your doll. Wow, you are really blessed that your mom still lives in your childhood home and it's still so pretty today. Memories are precious.

Julie Harward said...


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweetie...
Happy Pink Saturday. I so love your post. The house you grew up in is just precious, and how wonderful your Moma is still there. You can go home when you want to. Thank goodness..

I love your Tiny Tears doll. How sweet. Please stop by and let me share my Christmas Memory with you. I think you will like it.

Country hugs...Sherry

Lorilee said...

Wow your mom has beautiful flowers. I think my Mom had a Tiny Tears doll. My first doll was "Twinky". I also loved my "Baby Tender Love".

Mary Bergfeld said...

How wonderful that your mother still lives in the home you remember with such affection. Your mother's garden is gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

Hi Ann...your childhood home is beautiful & even better since it is filled with your mom and so many happy memories too.
Love your least you still have her!
Many blessings..xo Tami

Mimi Sue said...

I had a Betsy Wetsy, they look kinda the same. Loved that doll. Wish I still had it. Your mom's yard is beautiful. Is it in California? I grew up in San Luis Obispo in a house very similar. Mimi

Unknown said...

Oh I just love it that your mom still lives in the house you grew up in. It is darling. She does a wonderful job keeping it up!


Mollye said...

Oh isn't it great you still have your Mom and she is still in the same house. Wow and your dolly is in such great shape. You go girl, Mollye

Beverly said...

Ann, you have been surrounded by pink for years. You and your mother share a wonderful talent at making beauty.

I had a Tiny Tears, too. She was my favorite doll of all.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Fifi Flowers said...

What a lovely pink home!

Betty said...

Oh! Your mother's garden was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your memory!

dana said...

I'm so sorry I'm so late in reading your Pink Sat. post....I had my last sale this weekend and I have been trying to make it look like Christmas around here since then!

I LOVED the post...the wonderful PINK childhood home, where your mom still lives, and the amazing Tiny Tears doll that you have! She looks lovely in her "birthday suit". . .but it was nice to know her original dress was PINK!


Paula said...

That is so sweet, Ann! I loved seeing your childhood home- it was a beautiful place. And your dolly is so cute- I have my first one also and I still love her, even though I tried to give her a haircut when I was little... (and my mother was none too thrilled...)

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