Friday, May 8, 2009

Show & Tell Friday - Coca Cola Barbie Bedroom

Today is Show and Tell Friday over at Kelli's House, There's No Place Like Home. I haven't participated in awhile, so today I thought I would join in the fun.

For Show and Tell Friday I thought I would show pictures of one of my guest bedrooms at my vacation home on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona. Each room has a theme and this room is decorated in Coca Cola memorabilia and Coca Cola Barbies.

The whole room is done in red and white

Throughout the room I have every Coca Cola Barbie and Ken that has been made. Each one is still in their original box and has never been openedIn the 70s Coca Cola came out with their own doll and clothing line, and I have almost every one of themI also have several vintage Coca Cola Trays and signs hanging on the walls tooI took an old Coca Cola crate and hung it on the wall and put in each slot Matchbox Coca Cola collector carsWe refer to this room as if it was on the corner of Coca Cola Court and Barbie Doll Blvd.


Hootin Anni said...

What a wonderful array of treasures. A fun, fun room.

My Show N Tell this week, is laser crystal art. Come on over if you can find time. Happy Friday.

Gracie said...

How fun! I'd like to sleep one night in that bedroom. Do you mind if I come?

The Old Parsonage said...

So whimsical! I love it, the red and the toys just scream fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy said...

Wow! I wouldn't let anyone stay in that room overnight. All the dolls would be out of the boxes!

Unknown said...

What a great room - I am so impressed with your collection.

A perfect place for a vacation!

SmilingSally said...

It must be so much fun to own a vacation home and decorate in themes.

Neabear said...

What a fun room!! I have the tray on the left in your 12th picture down. You must have had a blast accumulating the fun things for this room. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

What wonderful treasures you have. I wouldn't mind sleeping in that room. I love the red and white comforter. The whole room is really pretty.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my Aunt. She was cured at the Mayo Clinic but don't know what the cure was.


Barbara Jean said...

Delightful room.
I had no clue there was even a coca cola Barbie! (i bet I'm not the only one.)

Thanks for coming over for a visit.

barbara jean

Elena said...

Your collection is amazing and the room is so bright and fun to look at! Thanks for sharing!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Anne! I love it! Did you know I have an old Coca Cola ice chest. It still works and is wayyy better then any cooler on the market today. It keeps things sooooo cold!

I need your expert advice. I got two gardenia plants/bushes as a bday present and I'm not sure "where" to plant. I thought I'd put them by my bedroom window, but I read an article that said not to plant by a concrete wall or path. I thought maybe you could help me out :0). Thanks either way!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This room is Fantastic! You've done a beautiful job decorating it. Lindsey is at work right now, but she'll see it when she gets home. Thanks for the heads up, we wouldn't have wanted to miss seeing your treasures. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Julie said...

The room is precious! I love the gingham check comforter. Can't wait to see the rest of the rooms!
Have a Blessed Friday..julie

Chaos Cottage said...

I love your Coca-Cola/Barbie Room. Who doesn't like either one? What a fun place to vacation.


Zaroga said...

A beautiful room! Love it!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I LOVE your room! I don't have any of the Coca Cola Barbies yet. They look so cute in your room that I will now have to make getting one a priority!
Have a grand weekend, Lindsey

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

OHMYGOODNESS! This room is awesome and so cheerful and nostalgic! What a wonderful place for a guest!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh gosh.. what a collection you have here! precious, perfect and match well.. I don't think I ever wake up if I were to sleep in this room.. hehehehe especially when there are lots of kens and barbies and fast cars around.. hehehehe

have a great weekend & happy mother's day Anne..

Paula said...

Oooooh- I love it, Ann! The bedspread and matching window cover is wonderful! All the trays and signs are so cute, too!

Claudie said...

Dear Ann
I have loved barbie and coca cola my whole life. You have he perfect get away room.
I have used slashes of apple red and sun shine yellow outside this year. I love it.
BTW did you comment on my blog this week about menopause? it has nneskelton@gmail.... is that you? I cannot figure it out.
Take care I know it's been awhile.
Love Claudie

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Wow. You certainly have a great collection of Coca Cola treasures and have did a wonderful job using them to decorate this room. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


sally said...

That is so cool!

Unknown said...

I have been one of the luckiest to actually sleep in this beautiful room. The whole place is decorated to perfection! Such a wonderful, memorable experience! There is no other place like it believe me!!!

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