Monday, May 25, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

Today is Bloomin' Tuesday over at Ms Jean's Blog. I love to share what I have growing in my garden every Tuesday.

Some of my Hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

Last November, I posted how to cut a stick from a Hydrangea plant and stick it in the ground to make another plant. This is the stick that I used in that post. Only 5 1/2 months ago and look how pretty the plant is already with a huge pink bloom! I love Lobella with its very pretty blue color. I have one area that I have big rocks, and every year the Lobella come back by the seeds it drops from the previous year. The area is shaded in the afternoon under a tree.

I have an area just dedicated to my giant Shasta Daisies. They come back year after year.
This rose is called Show Biz. I have 9 of them as rose trees and they line one of my walkways in the yard. Their color is just stunning.
This plant is called Matiliya Poppy. The flowers are very big about 5 to 6" across and their pedals are paper thin and white in color with a huge orange center. The bush grows about 6 feet tall and it is covered with these pretty flowers.

The whole time I have been walking around my yard, Charlie the Turtle has been following me just hoping for some veggies. I am so glad he is out of hibernation. He makes such a sweet addition to the garden.

For more Bloomin' Tuesday posts, please click here and visit Ms Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog!


Aiyana said...

I've always loved Lobelia too, for the wonderful color. All your flowers are lovely. It's amazing that a stick could produce such beautiful flowers in such a short time. Seems it usually takes a whole year for that to happen with plants that I've tried it with.

Altered Glass said...

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. You have a REAL GREEN THUMB! I just love all your pics. I see you heart many things! Our summers don't last as long for me to have those kinds of plants and when I bring stuff in, my cat eats them..aaargh!!!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of life and flowers in your area.

Suzanne said...

Where to start! Honestly, your garden is a showcase. I've always loved hydrangeas and am amazed that you have such a beautiful big bloom on the one started just months ago. Your lobelia is lovely -- so colorful and full. My favorite has to be that poppy though. Oh my goodness, I've never seen one like that. Just amazing!

Deb said...

love the turtle...great pretty...

Unknown said...

I have tried to grow lobelia from seed, no luck so far. Will keep trying as I love that plant. You have beautiful blooms as usual.

Terry said...

What lovely blooms you have,and I do adore your Turtle Charlie.
He has got to bring a lot of joy and a few suprises to your garden.
Have a blessed week.
Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

GM Anne!
As usual I'm loving your garden and love that beautiful/wonderful turtle of yours!
I need your expertise once again please. My sweet hubbs brought home some flowers in a container and I'm no idea what they are or how to care for them...argh! Could you come over and take a peek? They are in today's post. You can just comment there. Thanks so much either way!
Hope your weekend was great. Ours was fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love when the Hydrangeas start blooming. I'll have to try your method of propogation especially for some of my favorites. :) Beautiful blooms today, the roses look fabulous!

Bernideen said...

I have enjoyed your blog - except the snake-I agree with you! You have a beautiful garden too!
I have a question since you are Italian. I have done so many searches looking for the word Barowsi Flourless Cake like in the movie "Just Desserts". I only find the term flourless cake but not with the word Barowsi....any idea? Maybe that was just made up for the movie?

Laurie and Chris said...

Your Hydrangeas are so pretty. I really like the lighter pink one. Daisys are one of my favorites. Great pictures.

Jean said...

All your blooms look great! The Matilya Poppy is amazing! I love poppies but can't seem to grow any.I can't believe you can start a hydrangea so easily. Still no Mr L! Jean

Teresa said...

Shasta daisy is one of my fav's too. Love the hydrangea's too. 9 tree roses? Can we see a photo of them all together? please?

Happy Tuesday!

~~Rhonda said...

The poppies are beautiful. Another one of those zone 10 plants I can't grow in southern IL. But I certainly enjoyed it on your blog. Thanks for sharing! ~~Rhonda :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Thank you for sharing those lovely blossoms with us! They helped brighten my day.

Neabear said...

How cool that you have a turtle to follow you around! That is neat. Love all the flowers in your yard.

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