Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snake in the Koi Pond - Yipes!

Lately something has been turning my Koi Pond upside down. My husband and I went to our river vacation home for 4 days so I thought while I was gone, I would put this net on one side of the pond. It's so easy to get tangled up in it, so I thought it would deter the animals away.

So this morning when I walked up to the Koi pond and found it in disarray again, with plants turned on their side, my floating alligator upside down, etc. I was very much disappointed. So when Buck the Rottweiler started alerting me there is something in the bog, I immediately took notice...or maybe it was when I heard the loud hissing? I found one very mad aggravated snake with its head caught up in the net.

As I was jumping up and down like a crazy person screaming to my husband to "kill it", he started to argue with me that it's a "nice" snake. I'm sorry, it's a snake, the only good snake is a dead one. Yep, I won that argument! And Buck got to stay in the air conditioned house for the afternoon.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I'm sorry you were scared. I know many can't even handle a glimpse of a snake. Personally I like them and I would have sided with your hubbs on this one...lol!
Well, at least it's out :0). I'm sure Bud was one "cool" pup

Paula said...

*giggle* I didn't know there were "nice" snakes...
I know what you're Hubby meant, but it's sure not nice to stumble up on them! LOL

Neabear said...

I would be in your shoes and be uncomfortable with that snake around. eek! I can just see you doing the jumping up and down. My goodness, such excitement. I hope you were able to calm down eventually.

SmilingSally said...

Good ol' Buck. I don't like snakes either.

We didn't plan to ever move again, but our son and his family are moving.

Celestina Marie said...

Good Morning Anne,
I would be like you. Jumping up and down crazy to send that snake packing. Not a fan at all. At least you know the reason for the pond upsets. Glad it's gone. Nice snake or not, They don't look nice to me. LOL

Loved catching up on your blog.
Have a great ay.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Darlene said...

Oh I am with you....the only GOOD snake is a dead one in my opinion!

Mimi Sue said...

Yikes! I guess they're supposed to be good for the garden but not something I'd want to run across. Your pink clip is so cute. I've got some dishes I want to use for mosaic. I just need to find some time. Busy working on putting in the yard. My mimi blocks were made by Grams. We met through blogging and she lives in the town just north of ours. We get together every now and then. She's so much fun. Both of our husbands were born on April 21, 1947. They were both born in Los Angeles. Weird, huh? By the way, we're both waaaayyy younger than our husbands...heeheehee. Mimi

Courtney said...

I just showed Jimmy, and his response was, "That's tiny. I was imagining something like a python." Oh to be that brave. . .As for me, I am on your side and would have treated Don and Buck to a steak dinner that night. Snakes--blech!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Ann, I would have had Don take the snake far away but never kill it! LOL! Poor snake! I guess it is because Nathan always had snakes and I learned to handle them!

The flowers around your tress look really pretty and a welcoming site. Buttle Bush trees remind me of Walnut!

My last Kern trip was actually a Sister/Mister trip and it was nice having hubby's there. They are a great group of men. Nathan and his family came by for the big potluck.

When is Courtney due? How wonderful to have another grandbabe on the way!

Love ya!

Pond Kits said...

Snake in the pond it looks like any film title but it is scary to have snake in backyard pond. It also harmful for pond frog and other creature!!

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