Monday, March 22, 2010

Blooming Tuesday - A Wonderful Spring Start

Today is the first Blooming Tuesday for 2010 over at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog. For the past two years I have joined her off and on to show off what is Blooming in my garden.

I live in Southern California and the weather has been in the 80s for the past week. I have a wonderful spring start for this year!

This is a great way to use an old pair of wash tubs on a stand! My Petunias love them!
Here in California where it doesn't get that cold, we have trailing ice plant. This is called delosperma cooperi. It is a bright pink carpet of flowers. It is so pretty in spring time!

I also have it in bright orange too. It blooms all summer long, but only in the spring time it looks like a carpet of color. And at night all the flowers close up too!

Every spring I look forward to my Wisteria to bloom in my patio. They are only in bloom for about 3-4 weeks every year. The smell is outrageous!

The flowers are a beautiful lavender color and they are in foot long clusters!

All my daisy bushes are in bloom too.....Hey! Please don't eat the daisies!!

This yellow rose bush is called St Patrick's. It always has it's first blooms in March. (I guess that is why they call it St Patrick's?) The stems of each rose are really long and make great long stem roses. My Tulips are blooming throughout my garden too. I have a problem with my tulips because the gophers love them and I have to make sure they are planted somewhere where it doesn't get that much water during the summer months or the bulb will rot in the ground. This is a pretty white Clematis vine that blooms every spring and the fragrance is so wonderful!

The flowers are so pretty and all bunched up together

This is another pretty spring, sweet smelling vine bush, Yellow Jasmine

For more pretty blooms, please go visit Ms Jean at Green Thumb Jean's Blog!


Aiyana said...

As usual, you have the most fantastic blooms! I especially love the pink ice plant. I had some for a couple of years, but the heat burned it off last summer and I didn't replace it. It never spread, which is why I got it in the first place.

Darla said...

Gorgeous Spring blooms...we will be in the upper 70's this week!!

Anonymous said...

You have gorgeous flowers! I live in NW Pennsylvania. Not many flowers here yet, but they are coming.

Suzanne said...

Don't be surprised if you wake up some morning and there is a tent in your backyard with a middle aged woman in it. Just giving you fair warning. Your garden is fabulous. Seriously beautiful!

Elena said...

Just beautiful! I used to live in S. Cali and I miss seeing the brilliant purple ground cover blooming every where. Your pictures brought back many fond memories!

Deb said...

Unbelievably beautiful! It must be wonderful to live in such a nice climate all year!

Jean said...

It must smell heavenly in your yard! I love both the ice plant and the daisy bushes. I have a wisteria but it has never bloomed. Lovin' all the lovely spring color! Jean

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Just gorgeous! Your garden is really putting on a show for you this spring. I love the petunias in the old wash buckets!
Take care and enjoy your day,
Hugs, Elizabeth

Flowers said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Laurie and Chris said...

Everything looks so pretty.Love the Wisteria the color of it is so pretty. I also like the idea of your wash tub.

~~Rhonda said...

Love your wash tubs! Such a cute planter! The flowers are beautiful! We're just getting started here, but I'm so glad spring is back! ~~Rhonda

Elyse said...

oh my goodness! your garden just sings with pretty blooms and color! love the flowers in the tubs!!!

happy spring


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I sure bet I could get my 'dirt fix' in your beautiful gardens. I look at these lovely pics and long to get out in my yard. My 'frost holler' is not clear for frost 'till the 15th of May. {{{SIGH}}} You have gorgeous bloomers my dear!

Have a fun day filled with many beautiful blessings!!!

Paula said...

Love your flowers and your wash tubs with Petunias are adorable!

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