Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Blooming in the Garden Today!

It's October and the weather here in Southern California is still warm. I still have so much color in my garden. It seems like summer has been extended!

This is a huge vine I have growing on one of my fences. It was here when we purchased the house so I do not know the name of it. It is completely covered with these beautiful pink blooms. It only blooms during the fall months and the other months of the year its green and grows like crazy.

Does anyone know the name of it?

Purple Stock

Pink Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

Apricot Hibiscus

Pink full Rose Bush

Pink Hydrangeas

Bird of Paradise. I love this plant. They are all blooming right now. I like to cut them and put them in a tall glass vase in the house. They look stunning!

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Aiyana said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual. The vine is beautiful. I'll have to check back to see if anyone identified it!

Grammy said...

Oh what color and such beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing them

Sweetie said...

Each bloom is exquisite. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday.

Dawn said...

Lovely blooms for bloomin' Tuesday!
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Dawn @ (4:53am)

Unknown said...

Yes you do still have a lot of color in your gardens. Very nice. I want a Bird of Paradise, are they hard to grow?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blooms in your October garden! I don't know what that vine is, but it is very pretty. You have stuff blooming that has long been spent in my garden. Those Bird of Paradise are so exotic, I bet they look lovely in vases.

Carla said...

woozers! What a feast for the eyes! I have that blooming vine, mine is var, and not hardy. Mine never (or hasn't in two years) blooms. Came with no tag though:(. Thanks for sharing today!

Teri said...

OMG! each flower is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Are you kidding me? I would love to have a shoot off of the Bird of Paradise!

Neabear said...

You have so much color in your yard. I'm jealous. I know I have to work my way there adding things now and then to the yard. But I want to be there now! Enjoy your beautiful color while it lasts.

Jean said...

The joys of living in warm tempatures! Love the vine and of course the apricot hibiscus. That's my color. All your blooms are so vibriant, just lovely! Jean

Laurie and Chris said...

My goodness you do still have alot of color.Everything looks very nice.

Joanne Kennedy said...

You sure do have a beautiful garden that is still blooming. My flowers are almost done with thier show of color.

I love that vine and would love to have one. If you ever find out what it is I would love to know.


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Happy Booming Tuesday to you Anne! Your flowers are beautiful and I love especially the HIBISUS!!! I need to plant some! Hugs, Maryjane

Farmchick said...

Everything looks just beautiful. My flowers don't look like that anymore....but I am wayyyy upppp NORTH!

Have a great evening.

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