Monday, June 30, 2008


Spider Plants, also known as Cholorophytum comosum are the easiest and best hanging plants in your home or your patio. This is one that is only 1 1/2 years old and is so healthy and beautiful. I took a baby plant off one of my Mom's plant. It likes moist soil (not soggy) and tolerates warmer temperatures. I feed the plant every 3 to 4 months using a house plant fertilizer. It is so low maintenance and easy to grow. My tips turn brown and I found out it is from the chemicals in the water you get from the city because it is treated with Chlorine and fluoride. If you give it bottle water, the tips won't turn brown, however, I just use the city water. I have my whole patio on a drip system that automatically gives all my plants water every evening.

Propagation is so easy, you just cut off one of the plantlets that are hanging from the mother plant and plant them in moist dirt. It usually takes about one month for them to start growing.

If you live in a area that has frost or snow, just bring it in during the winter months. It loves the steam in your bathroom!

My plant currently has 3 bird nests in it. The birds just love to nest in this plant!
If you don't have one of these plants, you really need to get one!


Darlene said...

Anne, Your spider plant is BEAUTIFUL. A neighbor had snipped some babies from their plants and I rooted them in water a little better and planted them last weekend. I can't wait to have some lush baskets like you have. The birds sure do have a beautiful nesting spot.

Unknown said...

Your plant is pretty! I just bought one. Thanks for the watering tip!

Barb said...

How lucky you are to have the nests in your plant. I wonder if this plant would do well in the heat?

I will search that out this week.

have a lovely day,

Anonymous said...

The spider plants is beautiful. The bird made a beautiful nest...also the eggs are beautiful color. Love to visit your blog. You have a wonderful day.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Those plants bring me back to the 70's when everyone used to have them. I don't see them around any more. I wonder why? I loved the little baby ones that shoot out.

I thought that darling nest was fake. How great you have them in there and they are real. Love it!


Paula said...

Wow, that is pretty... love the sweet little nest, too!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I used to have all kinds of indoor plants and the spider was a great reproducer. Love them. I know I quit doing houseplants because they are so much work....Wandering Jews are also great reproducers and they get cute little blue flowers. I grew one out on the patio last summer and it was enormous. I gave it to a friend to winter over. I think I will look for some house plants for my patio.

Bee Haven Bev said...

What a sweet little bird's nest! Here in PA...I have spider plants as house nests, sadly.

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