Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Chicken Coop

I haven't blogged for a while and I have really missed everyone!  Life has been so busy but I found time today to take some pictures of my newly decorated chicken coop.

I wish I had taken pictures of this thing before I painted it and fixed it up.  It was a old shack I think it was a old pigeon coop.  My husband saw a vision and decided to revamp it and make it into a chicken coop for me.   It now has a huge sun roof window, 2 side windows, automatic heat lamps that turn off and on,  nesting boxes on each side for easy access to the eggs, roosting poles across the back and it is completely enclosed with chicken wire to keep any predator out.

I had it painted bright yellow, added curtains, hanging plates, vintage lanterns, vintage egg baskets and I hung all around it my collection of vintage and new farm signs.

It is completely closed in to keep out predators.
I have vintage hanging lamps
My vintage signs are also hanging inside the coop
I love this boot bird house!
I have vintage egg baskets hanging all around the back
I have roosting boxes on each side of the coop.  I can't wait till they start laying eggs!
Even the Scare Crow is dressed up in a John Deere Apron!
I bought this adorable sign from a etsy store called  Mulberry Lane Folk Art  She custom made this for me for the side of my coop!
Here are some of the girls pigging out around the food bowl
Tom the Turkey is getting bigger.  He calls all the shots and tells everyone what to do
This is my favorite of all the chickens.  This is Susie.  She is a White Silkie.  Well, I think its a least I am hoping its a she......the other day she made a really deep chirping noise.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!! 


Lorilee said...

You have some lucky chickens! Your coop is beautiful. I love the vintage signs!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

It's really cute Ann! Love all the signs! Your girls will be very happy there. Little Tom is growing fast!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The coop is lovely. The yellow is bright and cheery. I have wanted chickens for years. I he some this spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me.ope to hav

Neabear said...

Wow! What a great chicken coop! I can tell you had a blast decorating that place. Neat that you are able to surround it with chicken wire to protect your chickens!


biedermann family abroad said...

That is the COOLEST chicken coop EVER! Well done. I think I would like to be a chicken now!!

Kris said...

Anne....I have missed you! I am so happy to see this post! The girls have grown so much!!! Their new "digs" are perfect! My goodness, I think my girls may need an upgrade to their living quarters!!! Actually, we are planning an addition in the spring when I get more chicks. Guess what? I have had my first eggs this week too! So exciting!
Hope to meet you in real life soon!
I got to meet Maryjane, and several other local bloggers this past Saturday. So fun! Maryjane says she has been to your wonderful home!!! Take care!


I think I could live in your chicken coop!
It's awesome!

Julie Harward said...

Oh my goodness..this is so cute I'm laughing out loud! Your husband is a fizer and a doer type isn't her?! This is amazing, lucky chickens! I love that fuzzy white one too. (why we are selling..we decided we wanted to go and serve the Lord more than we wanted a big nice house, plus we will need the money from the house to do that. We have bought a little 1937 home in St. George, Utah to grow old in!) :D

Holly said...

Seriously? You're coop is nicer than my home! Just adorable! Hope you're having wonderful weather and "the girls" are enjoying that beautiful coop.

Charlotte said...

This is so cute but how are you going to keep it clean? I know how messy chickens can be. Good luck.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I do declare girl, that has to be the most charmin' little chicken coop this chick has ever seen!!!

Now I want to redo my potting shed!!! I'm inspired!!! Woohoo!!!

God bless and have a glorious day my friend!!! :o)

Mimi Sue said...

I'd definitely lay lots of eggs in that cute coop if I were a chicken! So darling. Of course I love anything painted yellow! Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

I'd definitely lay lots of eggs in that cute coop if I were a chicken! So darling. Of course I love anything painted yellow! Mimi

Mulberry Lane Folk Art said...

Love it!!! Thanks for sharing my speckled hen fresh eggs sign!

Darla said...

Those are some spoiled chicks there! I love their home. Susie is a pretty thing!

Paula said...

Oh, Miss Ann~ I just love it!
But I can NEVER let my girls see this... they would be SO jealous they would probably go on strike! *hehe*
(I love sweet lil' Susie, too! *giggle*)

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