Sunday, August 28, 2011

Animal News at the Green Acres Cottage

We have had a lot of excitement around here lately.......ever since Miss Molly came to live with us.
Someone dumped her next to our property about 7 months ago.   How can someone be so mean to a lovable dog?  Well, Miss Molly is full of it.  I am guessing someone had enough of her. 

We are on the 4th Golf Cart seat to replace thanks to Miss Molly.
She also chews all our sprinkler heads.  Last month I got a water bill over $800 because she chewed the top off the sprinkler controls while we were gone. And our electric gate stopped working today.  My husband noticed the antenna is all chewed up.   She is quite the hunter too.    She will catch and kill anything that comes into our yard.  Everyday I find dead rabbits, squirrels, gophers, birds,crows,  mice, etc.  She goes after just about everything that moves, which might also include something that already lives here too.    My question is, How much would you pay in Vet bills for your pet turtle?   Keep that thought in your mind, we will get back to it later!

I have two African Spur Turtles.   Charlie and baby Charlie.  (They are not related)  Charlie is HUGE, weighs over 60 lbs (I can't pick him up) and baby Charlie looks like a dwarf  next to him.

Just the other day my husband completed a area for baby Charlie to live in till she gets bigger.  She cannot run free through the yard like Charlie does, she is just to small.  Big Charlie tries to ram rod any of the dogs if they even think about going near him.  He can handle himself so we don't worry about him.

Here is the fenced off area my husband built for Baby Charlie right in front of my Potting Shed.
As soon as he got done he put baby Charlie into the area and went to Home Depot.  While he was gone, one of the workers heard Buck our Rottweiler barking like crazy at Molly.  He hurried down to see what all the commotion was.  Now, Buck is a big dog, almost 150 lbs and he tolerates Miss Molly but he always likes to alert us when she is doing something wrong.

Well, it seems Miss Molly jumped over the black rod fence into Baby Charlie's area and chewed her top shell open.
It was awful.  I freaked out when I got home and scooped up Baby Charlie and hurried down to the Animal Hospital.  You could actually see inside under her shell and can see it moving from her heart beats!

When I brought baby Charlie inside the animal hospital and asked if they could help my pet turtle because my dog tried to eat it, I looked around and saw the look of shock on every one's face in the waiting room.  Hmmm, I thought, are they shocked because it's a awful sight or they can't believe that I would actually spend money on a pet turtle?

They couldn't help me there and sent me to someone that could about 35 miles away.  So I drove there and sat till 10:30 pm in the emergency room and waited for my pet turtle.  They told me all they could do is clean out the wound and wrapped it up and said I had to bring it to a "turtle specialist in the morning" somewhere else.   They came out and gave me this sad looking turtle all bandaged up and a HUGE bill in the emergency room.  I started giggling because I couldn't believe this turtle bandaged up and that I was going to pay this enormous emergency room bill and I still had to take her to a turtle specialist.
So the next day I took Baby Charlie to the Turtle Specialist.  Yes, they actually have Vets that specialize with turtles!  They had to give her xrays to make sure she had no internal damages to her organs and he told me that if she survived a week, she will survive the infection.  They gave me shots that I had to give Baby Charlie every 72 hours and they fiberglass her shell closed!
The Vet told me that baby Charlie will get around 200 lbs and 3 feet long.  So it will be a life long thing for her to go to a turtle specialist and get her shell re-fiber glassed as she grows bigger.  Are you thinking the same thing I am?   $$$$$$$$$

So my question before was, How much would you pay in Vet bills for your pet turtle??  Oh my gosh, every time my husband asks me how much I spent on Baby Charlie I can't look at him straight in the eye and turn my head away.  I still refuse to tell him or anyone else how much I spent. 

This is baby Charlie today.  I faithfully gave her those shots and she survived the infection!  She is eating, walking around her little area which I might add now has netting around to keep out Miss Molly.  Also the shock collar for Miss Molly worked great too.......every time she would get near baby Charlie I would zap her!!

I might add that Molly has met one animal in our household that she avoids and will not give eye contact with.  She is afraid of Evil Kitty!


jeanne said...

OMG Anne, this post is amusing but so sad for baby charlie and your budget. Molly is lucky you love her. HA! At least there is one member of your family who can put Molly in her place. That is the amusing part. Good luck with this ongoing saga with the animals in your home. BIG smile.
XO, Jeanne

Mimi Sue said...

Molly the naughty doggie! She must still be a puppy. Hopefully she'll settle down soon! Poor baby Charlie.You are so crafty, maybe you could learn to fiberglass her shell so you wouldn't have to pay so much for it. Mimi

Deb said...

what an is hard to put a price on a pet...but at some point you have to decide...lucky for she has you...

Beverly said...

Whoa! Gosh, Ann! Poor baby Charlie! I would have freaked out, too.

Molly sure is cute, and she's lucky you love her. Maybe you need to put her under Evil Kitty's tutelage.

Hurry back to Pink Saturday. I miss you.♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anne! I can't imagine! Such a cute doggy but so distructive! Little booger! Good thing you love that little Molly or she might get the boot! :)
Oh, your turtles. Poor little Baby Charlie! I've never even thought of a turtle's shell being injured like that! Glad you were able to find someone to help him. You know, if you love your pet, you just close your eyes and do what you have to do for them!
I wish him must luck and long life.
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

While I was reading your post, the thought crossed my mind that such a thing could happen because I have heard of it before. The malling of a turtle by a dog...
Even your big turtle I think could be seriously damaged by Molly.
You are a good person, because Molly would be looking for another home. Sad I know and I love animals..but she is a dog that just seems to have behavior problems.
"Deb" is right. Both the turtle AND Molly are lucky to have you.
I guess I am just old and cranky and short on patience anymore.

How much to spend? As much as you can afford I guess.

Molly would be living somewhere else by now. Good luck and lots of love to you~! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. Thank you so MUCH for stopping by! It was nice to see you. I don't always have great luck at garage sales..but I admit I have been fortunate.
The secret? Get up and go every single Saturday and the treasures pile up!
The best find was the $4200 worth of sterling silver in a chest...for $10.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Ann, that is awful! Poor baby Charlie! I think I would have passed out and thank heavens for your gardener! What a hero! Buck's a good guy too! I hope baby Charlie contains to grow and get better. Big Charlie sure has grown. I think you might have to sale the cabin in Big Bear to pay that bill!


Paula said...

Awwwww! Poor baby Charlie! I understand, Ann... I would spend all the money I had on my animals.
Miss Molly is a mess. (Or at least she's good at amking a mess! hehe)

Beth said...

You are such an animal lover. Bless you!!!

Tina said...

I hesitate to tell you the cost of some of the vet bills we have had! I have to tell you that we would probably go get a loan to pay a vet bill if need be! I don't know you, but I am sending you a BIG, GIANTIC BLOG HUG for saving your turtle. (The picture of her broken shell was awful!) You are just wonderful!!!

Holly said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on Kris's blog "Simplify". I am freaking out right now!! Your dog ate the turtle's shell? How weird is that? Our dog chewed everything in sight and ate 3 garden hoses and all the tops off our sprinklers. We had to keep her muzzled for a while, which I hated. When she turned one year, she just magically stopped. Good Luck with that crazy dog!

dana said...

I'm thinking Molly might calm down if you order her one of those crocheted pumpkin hats!!! :)

She is one ornery pooch, but she is sure cute. I don't think my hubby would let me continue to put a lot of money into the turtle....but I'm betting if anyone can pull it off, you can!!! You are so much like my BFF Bonnie. She has poured a fortune into caring for various cats and dogs that have found her over the years.

You still have all of those Barbies...maybe you could sell a few to keep baby Charlie around.....poor little turtle. ;)

You're a good woman, Anne. dana

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