Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Showing Some RED

Have you ever been walking in a swap meet and you see something that you just gotta have it so bad that you actually start sweating? Well, 3 weeks ago I was walking in a swap meet and this caught my eye and I just had to take him home. I knew he would look perfect in front of our diner in our yard.
He looks like he has been refurbished to a perfect condition! I remember going to Bob's Big Boy Restaurants when I was small and every one had one of these in front of their restaurant!

He is also sitting in front of something else. Something I have never shown before on my blog. My husband collects vintage cars and he is sitting in front of our 12,000 square foot garage that houses almost 50 vintage antique cars.

I am just going to show a few vintage cars inside the garage that are RED

1931 Ford Model AA Tow Truck
1954 Chevy Belair Convertible

1959 Chevy Impala Convertible

1954 Chevy Belair Convertible

1955 Cadillac Convertible

1956 Ford Pick Up Truck

1962 Chevy Impala 409

All these cars are driveable and yes my husband and I take them out and drive them around!

For more RED, please click here and go visit Sue at It's A Cherry World! for Redwednesday!


Cherry Chick said...

LOL...Oh My! You do have some Red cars!
So you actually started "sweating" when you saw the Big Boy..I had to laugh. It's so funny what gets each of us going.
Thanks for sharng with us on Rednesday
♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

Julie Harward said...

I sure do remember Bob...what a guy! So cool that you have this! Love the cars, my high school boyfriend had a 59' chevy, loved it and the 54'..I saw a yellow one for sale today, very cool! You are so blessed to have such an awesome place! :D

Darla said... what a collection of awesome automobiles!

Angela said...

Loved the pictures that you have shared. When I get my license to drive (one day,,lol) I want the red truck and the red convertible.

Debra Ganas said...

I have fond memories of Big Boy in our hometown. The teenagers often kidnapped him during football season and left him at the rivals highschool.
the cars are amazing. Lots of nice red ones.
I will come back to your blog soon and look at all the lovely pictures.

Erin said...

Wow, I want to come and tour your home. How fun.

Unknown said...

Here in Cincinnati we have Frisch's Resturants. They call him Big Boy and there is a long long rivalry between him and Bob. They were divided by geographical lines and couldn't cross them, but they both were allowed to use the little guy for a logo/mascot.
Love the Classics you have there. I can't wait to show em to my Car Guy!

Deb said...

oh my have to coolest place...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, I dare say that's some red! Look at those wonderful cars!

And that Big Boy is SO cute. I remember them at Shoney's restaurants. And girl, you have me craving a giant order of onion rings!!! And let's add a milk shake and a big boy sandwich while we're at it. ;-)


Sheila :-)

Pam Kessler said...

I had to laugh when I saw Big Boy. He's adorable. I have never seen one in that size before, normally they're like 5 foot tall.

And do you know the hair sticking up on his head is called a noflet. Just a little tidbit of useless info for you. Thanks for making my day.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

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Quick Heal said...

Wow what a post,thanks for sharing your post with us.Glad to reading your nice post and watching your pictures.

SueLovesCherries said...

Ooh, baby, this is my kinda post! Vintage and cars and red - I'm in nostalgia heaven! Remember the Beach Boys song 409?

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Love this post! I think most of the Bob's have closed around here but I think there's still one in the valley with "Bob" outside. So cute. & oh my gosh, what wonderful cars your husband has! Must be so much fun to toodle around in them.
Happy belated Rednesday,

Unknown said...

I love Bob's Big Boy. I wished they never closed down.

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