Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday

I am joining Jean over at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog and posting what is blooming in my garden today!
Old wheel barrels make great garden pots and decoration!
This is my latest addition to my garden. Its an old washing machine I picked it up at an antique shop. It was sitting out back behind their shop and I had a vision when I laid eyes on it! My husband didn't have the same vision when I saw it but he has changed his mind now since it has found a new home!
I love geraniums. I have several colors throughout my garden, however, I love this shade of pink flowers. It grows into a huge bush just full of flowers.
I love this rose bush. It is called St Patricks. It is always full of blooms early in March for St Patricks day and it keeps blooming during the summer through fall. Right now it has about 18 flowers on it. It is a beautiful color yellow!

I don't know why but you cannot buy a Hollyhock plant at any of the nurseries near me. I bought 6 little plants through mail order. My gardener thought they were weeds and pulled up all but one of them. (I guess he never saw a Hollyhock plant before) Any ways, this is my only plant and I was so excited that it finally bloomed this year.
I looked at this head I have hanging on my fence and I noticed all the sticks hanging out the side of it, I went and investigated. I don't know who got more scared, the 5 little birdies that flew out of it or ME!
My pink Hydrangeas are blooming . Since I have so many plants, I love to pick them and have them in a vase in my kitchen.
I HATE gophers! Anyone have a good suggestion on how I can get rid of them. I tried the trap but it keeps pushing it out of the hole! It needs to DIE or relocate! I woke up this morning to these huge dirt piles all over my lawn!

For more Bloomin' Tuesday posts, please go visit our hostess for Bloomin' Tuesday, Jean at Ms Green Thumb Jean's Blog!


Anonymous said...

I love your vision with that old washing machine. That's what I was going to do with our old wheelbarrow, hubby put it on the curb though. :(

Chandramouli S said...

I love the barrow. The combination is perfect! Such lovely flowers and look at those Geraniums! They're gorgeous!

Teresa said...

YOur face has a birds nest in her hair. funny. your pink hydrangeas are gorgeous. mine are all very young so I don't get enough for bouquets yet, I just love them

Darlene said...

All of your flowers are just spectacular!!! My favorites are the beautiful roses and the hydrangeas. Love the wheelbarrow and the old washing machine. They look great filled with flowers.

I feel for you with the gophers! We get them too and one of them has gone under a stone patio we made many years ago, and knocked some of the stones loose and pushed up....ARGH!!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.♥

Julie Harward said...

Love your geraniums and around here many people have the old washers and wheel barrels too and some have old brass or metal bed frames and it's full of flowers...A flower bed indeed! Come say hi :D

Lynn said...

Love your wheelbarrow! All I can say is "good luck" with the gophers!

Jean said...

Wow! That gopher sure did a lot of damage. I just love your washing machine. Just my style. The yellow rose is amazing! Jean

Ott, A. said...

Stoppin' by from bloomin' tuesday. I really like using the wheelbarrow as a planter. Very creative. Your pics are beautiful, especailly the hydrangea. I recently planted a red hydrangea called "summertime lace" I'm anxious to see it grow. Happy gardening.

Suzanne said...

My favorite is those bright pink hydrangeas, but all of your photos are fabulous! So sorry about the rodents -- ugh!

Darla said...

Great combination in the wheelbarrow, and what a wonderful purchase and repurpose for the washing machine! All of your flowers are beautiful. I can only imagine the surprise when the birdies flew!!

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