Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday - Vintage Duck Planter

This is a Vintage Duck Planter that use to belong to my Grandmother. I remember when I was a little girl, I would see it at her house. It was given to her by my Aunt Gladys. Then my Grandmother gave it to my Mom. I use to play with it when no one was watching! When my Mom gave it to me, I was so excited. I keep it by my kitchen window.
This thing has to be over 50 years old. It is in perfect shape, no chips or cracks!

I love vintage planters!

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Baba said...

Good morning Anne Fannie, your duck planter is adorable!!!What a great treasure to have and share with us.My mom had a dog planter which my sister owns now.. I wish that I had taken a picture of it..

I could not live around all of the fires in California due to my Asthma and Bronchitis..I pray it will be under control soon..

Have a good day. hugs, Baba

Ulla said...

Take good care of that pretty little planter!

A Collector At Heart said...

Definitely a piece of Royal Copley! There should be 2-3 runners on the bottom. This pottery was made back in the 30-40's in Ohio. I have 100+ different pieces.
Thought that you would like to know!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hello Anne! hanks for visiting Mai Street :-)
I love your planter! My Dad used to work for a place in Southern California that produced things just like that - it must have been almost 50 years ago - it was called Maddox china - look on the bottom of you duck (!) and see if it's imprinted with Maddox..that's be neat!
Anyway, your pups are adorable (we have a ShihTzu as well)
Have a fun day and remember- looking at the food blogs, while almost too much - is not fattening..just don't actually MAKE any of the recipes :-)

marian said...

oooooh i LOVE it :) did you see my vintage planters last VTT??

Postcardy said...

That's a cute planter and it's history makes it extra special.

★Carol★ said...

I absolutely love your duck planter! It reminds me of my Grandma, who had all kinds of animal planters on her kitchen window sill, and what a green thumb she had! What a treasure you have there!
Happy VTT!

Darlene said...

That duck planter is absolutely adorable!

Jocelyn said...

Such a cute duck planter. I love it! So glad that you are enjoying the little guy.


Nana said...

I love vintage things. He does look great.

Neabear said...

That duck planter is so cute! Love the history that goes with it.

Coloradolady said...

Anne Fannie...I love vintage planters too. What a cute duck planter. It made me recall a large planter my grandmother's brother had. It was a large duck taking flight....I always was fascinated by that planter. It is good that yours has been so well taken care of. Have a great weekend and a Happy VTT!!


It is cute, I like figural planters!

Old Time Cindy said...

Isn't it amazing that cute little planter is in such good shape after all these years?
Thanks for sharing!
Living it up Lakewood,

Ruby said...

What great colors. The planter is gorgeous! I have a couple that belonged to my Grandmother. And have picked up a few more--ummmm? Wonder how many I do have. Always another post to do. :)

Candace said...

I love your planter - I had one just like it with the same plant in it sometime around the 70's - sure wish I still had it!

Jane said...

Very cute duck planter!! I love the story behind the planter. It's wonderful the planter has been passed down through the family.

Roslyn said...

Love the duck's green wings!

Bea said...

I love vintage planters as well. Don't have very many of them, but I admire them when I see them. How nice to have those memories of your grandmother.

Mary said...

Annie, I love the duck planter. Mom had one too and it was very similar. She also had a horse. Were they made by Royal Copley or is there any markings on the bottom? I am a lover of vintage.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a darling cabinet. I love when someone has this talent. It's such a gift. Your duck planter and the memory is truly priceless. Thanks for swinging by my blog and saying hello. You are always welcome. I'm sorry I haven't gotten here sooner, computer crashed many many hours on the phone to dell then to at & t.. anyway.. wanted to pop in and say hello...hugs ~lynne~

Paula said...

It's beautiful!!! The colors are amazing- it looks brand new!

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