Monday, December 22, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - A red rose in December

Today is Ruby Tuesday. Thought I would join in for some fun.

This is a beautiful red rose I still have blooming in my garden today, 2 days before Christmas! Who would ever think it would still be blooming this time of the year?


LADY JANE said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...Wowza...I came over thinking I would "drop off" my Blue Santa plate...and then it happens you have a victorian dream house! You still have a rose blooming..whaaa...then I see 50 degrees...I want roses in Dec. LOL I only have lovely ice blooms (brrrrr) in my garden!Love Annie dolls.. Ilove to make up patterns for them!And BARBIE...oh my goodness! So here is what I am thinking...I shall personally bring my Blue Santa plate to you at green acres, I will bring my own Barbies that I had as a child (I had my first
Anniversary of turning 25 this you know I have some EARLY ones)We can play take a spin in a vintage car...dry a few rose hips from your garden before we cut them back...and I can stroll green acres to my hearts content....oh...we shall talk again new blog bud!
Hmmm....I have the strangest desire to go to my Moms and get my Barbies out! Hmmmm. I was wondering...have you filled the curator position for the museum yet...I am! Happy Holidays!

Olga said...

That's quite a resilient flower!

SmilingSally said...

It is amazing that you have that rose since you've had some cold weather by your place.

Anonymous said...

Oh have beautiful roses blooming this time of year? Oh how beautiful. I miss summer I miss it so much on cold days such as this one...although the day is bright and the snow is crisp and clean and looks beautiful especially for Christmas this time of year...but I STILL miss summer.
Enjoy your flowers and the holiday season..and everything good for 2009.

Carrie said...

What a lovely red color!
Outside here in Massachusetts I have snow that is knee-deep.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

CIELO said...


Merry Christmas and warm wishes from our house to yours.


nikkicrumpet said...

What a gorgeous fair that you still have beautiful flowers. The poor things would be buried in snow and ice here! I read the comment about your dog..not moving anything but his made me crack up...I can just envision the poor thing all freaked out. It's funny to watch them their first time. Mine aren't getting any fonder of it even after a few days...of course neither am I!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful rose. Roses do better here this time of year than they do in the summertime. It's too hot for them then. The poor little things just struggle through the hot summers barely surviving and perk up when the weather gets cooler.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mimi Sue said...

I was standing knee deep in snow this morning. I do miss California when I see your beautiful roses...Mimi

sally said...

I don't remember the exact quote but Thomas S. Monson said, "God gives us roses in the December of our lives." So I guess you literally can say that God gave you a rose.

The Muse said...

The weather is so strange...I have no roses in bloom but I do have marigolds that don't seem to know its winter!

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for joining us, Anne, for Ruby Tuesday! Your photo of a rose is lovely! Hope you will join us again this week! :)

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