Thursday, September 25, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

It's another Show and Tell Friday. This week I am going to show you a area in my yard that I am currently working on. I needed a shed to store my pond supplies near my Koi Pond so I came up with this great idea.

This is a reproduction of a Outhouse! It looks exactly like a old Outhouse made out of old barn wood, a tin roof and it even has a chimney air vent!
This area was all overgrown with shrubs so I removed the bushes in my way, put down flat rocks I found around the yard as stepping stones , planted ground cover in between the stones, put rocks as edges leading up to the Outhouse. My husband put down a small cement pad and he screwed the Outhouse down to the cement pad so the wind won't blow it over. I then covered the cement pad with dirt so that you can't see it.

On one side I hung up a old saw, a old pitch fork, a old animal trap and old horse bit.

The other side I have a old license plate, a old rake, saws, a old watering can and a star.

I love the moon cut out in the door, the hanging lantern, the air vent and especially the antlers above the door!

The inside even has a toilet hole!

While I was snapping pictures for Show and Tell Friday, my husband decided to make fun of me and jumped into the Outhouse and yelled, "Hey, here's a picture for your blog"................I think next time he will think about it before he makes fun of me and my blog.......

For more Show and Tell pictures click here and go to Kelli's House!


Anonymous said...

This is too darn cute and whimsical! Where on earth did you find it? I love how you decorated it with all the neat things.
Husband photo-no comment! ; )
Thanks for visiting my blog.

SmilingSally said...

You are a creative person. And your husband is a jokester! He must keep you in stitches.

Mary said...


What a wonderful corner of your yard. When I was a child, we used an indoor plumbing, so this brought back memories. I love the flagstone path and the way you've landscaped it. A delightful nook.

LOL I'm glad you called your hubby's bluff. He's quite a character.


Neabear said...

What a great idea! Looks wonderful and as your plantings grow and fill out it will look even more charming. Love it! Silly husband. Sometimes we need those too. I have a silly one once in a while too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post this is. You have done a great job! :)

Jean said...

LOVE IT! This is too cute for words! I love everything about it including your husband! We used to go to an older couples camp and they had an outhouse. 'Poppy' spent so much time in there the kids put up a sign that said 'Poppy's Office" Jean

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Annie..
Oh I love your blogs name~~
and the pics of your cute- cute stuff in your yard ..really something else..(:)Love it all.. ..........even the man doing his thing.. LOL

Thanks on my darling little Carter and YES I love Halloween too so fun isn't it... just one of those things that keep us going (:) hugs, Patty

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That's cute, I didn't know they made them anymore! My husband would probably also make a joke like that! Did you say "Gottcha!" LOL!


Kelli said...

I'll bet he loves that you posted the picture..haha! Your backyard is beautiful and I love how you decorated the cute!

Mimi Sue said...

How cute is that. I love the crooked vent thing on the roof. Where did you get your outdoor free standing light pole? We're looking for something for our front yard. Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

Oh, and the husband picture? Boys will be boys!! Sometimes they never really grow up...Mimi

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the outhouse. What a creative idea!! You did a wonderful job with the landscaping too. That last picture of your husband - perfect touch, too funny!

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, that is priceless...I love his sense of's something my DH would too. And the way you decorated the house is priceless too. Love the antlers! My grand-mother had an outhouse on her farm. As youngsters we thought it great fun when we visited her to get to use it and the water pump on the porch.

Cottage Rose said...

What a fantastic outhouse! Love it, great idea, pity about that homeless guy who wandered into your garden LOL

Life on the Edge said...

Tee hee! Men are so funny! I think they are so proud of the fact that they can pee standing up!

Love this little outhouse! What a unique addition to your garden! If I had something like this though, my sons would actually USE it!


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