Monday, September 29, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

Today is Blooming Tuesday. I thought I would show some pictures of my Gerbera Daisies that I have blooming in my garden today. I just love these flowers. They stay green all year long with their big leafy leaves and from summer through fall they bloom beautiful flowers in every color!



Dark Orange


Dark Pink


Here are some fruit and vegetables I still have in my garden today


Zucchini Squash and Cherry Tomatoes

My Black Fig Tree is full of figs and they are just starting to turn black

Our Apple Tree full of delicious green apples

Years ago our property use to be a Avocado Grove. This is one of the remaining Avocado Trees. Its loaded with Avocados

My Orange Tree is full of Oranges. They should be ready to harvest around the first of the year as long as we don't have any frost mornings!

Here are some pumpkins that I harvested from my yard. I think it looks funny to see a fall pumpkin arrangement with pink roses in the back ground!
For more Blooming Tuesday, please go visit Jean at Miss Green Thumb Jean's Blog!


Anonymous said...

I like Gerber Daisies too! They are cheerful flowers that come in a wonderful variety of colors. You have a great assortment of fruits & veggies growing in your gardens. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday Anne Fannie!

Mimi Sue said...

You have such a beautiful garden. And so bountiful. One thing I really miss about California is the lemon tree in my backyard. I do love the Utah peaches though. Mimi

SmilingSally said...

I love Gerber daisies. You really have a green thumb.

Grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your Gerber Daisies. I have never had any my self. And thrilled to see the Veggies are still doing well. Ours in Mo. with all the rain did not do so good this year.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

Aiyana said...

What a great collection of Gerber Daisies. I really like the rust ones. Do you have them planted mixed or separately?
How lucky that you can have apples and oranges, along with avacados. We have the oranges here, but it doesn't get cool enough for apples, and it's too hot and dry for avacados, although I've seen a tree or two in very protected areas. However, they never produce. Southern California must be a gardener's heaven!

Cottage Rose said...

Your daisies are gorgeous, I like the soft pink one the best.
Lucky you to have an avocado tree, if there was no food left in the world but avacados (and mango`s) that would be ok by me, we eat them by the ton!

Darlene said...

I LOVE all of your fruit trees and man it looks like a bumper crop!! Also, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Gerbera Daisies, fruit looks tasty and the pumpkins with the pink in the background does look different, pretty though.

Christie said...

I love your Gerbera Daisies! Everything in your yard looks so pretty....what a treat! Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

The Gerber Daisies come in such great colors! I don't have one - I'll have to do something about that next year.

I especially enjoyed see all your fruits and vegetables. I'm thinking about putting in a fig. Supposedly they do well in Georgia.


Sweetie said...

The Gerbera Daisies are gorgeous. Your veggies look great. I cooked with zucchini this year for the first time and it was delicious. You have a lovely garden.

Suzanne said...

Love the gerber daisies, but when that avocado tree came into view you had me! Oh, how I'd love to have an avocado tree in my garden. All your flowers, fruits and veggies look luscious!

Carla said...

My what a harvest! I love Gerber Daisies, and try them for my hubby's sake, BUT they do not like me. Photos like yours make me want to try again-lovely!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Ann!

Happy Blooming Tuesday to you and I LOVE what you have blooming! Don't Gerbera Daisies just make you smile! : ) I think you have every color God created!

I don't think you will have to go to the store for produce this week! LOL! What a green thumb!


Teri said...

OH, I am in heaven with all these daisies!!! Beautiful beartiful!!!

Jean said...

I love Gerber daisies, just can't seem to grow them. I love every color. You will certainly not go hungry with all your lovely fruit and vegetables! Great post! Jean

Anonymous said...

Love the shiny black eggplant pics! You still have a lot of stuff growing!

CIELO said...

Just lovely.... and how are your roses doing on this time of the year??? Mines are still blooming, pretty soon frost will come and I will have to say bye to them, but thus far I'm still enjoying their beauity... :)


Farmchick said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments too!! You have beautiful flowers...
Come back and visit again!

Carole Burant said...

Hi Anne:-)

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I always enjoy meeting new people:-)

Your Gerbera Daisies are so lovely, the colours so striking! I tried growing some last year but the darn bugs made a meal of them. Ick! Your garden is amazing and look at all those fruit wonderful everything is! We didn't grow any pumpkins this year so I'm really going to have to buy some for Halloween! xox

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for stopping by today. It is nice to meet you. Your garden is so bountiful and your country estate is so charming, I just might spend my quota of computer time right here this morning!

:-) Rosie

Rhondi said...

I love your gerbera daisies, such wonderful colors! I've never had good luck with them. Oh and to have an avocado tree right in your yard, heaven!
Hugs, Rhondi

Mary said...

Your daisies and your vegetables are awesome. You have many different colors of daisies in your garden and all of them are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Ann! Have fun at the river! Love ya, Maryjane

Eleanor said...

I also love all things Victorian! the geberas are so colourful. We have a similar indigeneous flower here in South Africa, called the Barberton Daisy. I found your lovely blog through Smiling Sal's Blue Monday!

joyh82 said...

Wow, your garden is still really going strong! Love those pretty

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just loved everything. I have tried to grow Gerber Daisies, but they don't seem to like me very well. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Enjoyed looking at yours! blessings, Kathleen

Lynda said...

Lovely Garden! I love growing things! You seem to have an extra green thumb! I love those Gerbera daisys! You dont grow them from seed do you? Great blog. thankyou

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