Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything is coming up PINK again!

Today is Pink Saturday again. So I went around the house and took pictures of Pink things!

This is a beautiful two-toned Pink Rose

The Flower is called Double Delight. The pictures look red but it is really a dark Pink.

Every rose flower looks different

The Bush is very full of blooms and they make the best cut flowers for a vase!

A Pink Petunia Bush full of pink blooms!

When my grand daughters come over to the garden, they use this Pink butterfly net and Pink bug catcher!

This just opened this morning, a beautiful Pink Lily flower in the Koi pond

A pretty Lantana Pink Flower

A Beautiful Pink Gerbera Daisy. I have this plant in a pot on my patio, they make the best potted plants. They love lots of water in a well drained pot and lots of light! Mine stay green all year long and bloom from Spring through FallHow about my Pink Barbie Clock Radio too??

Thanks for joining me this Pink Saturday. If you click on the Pink Saturday picture above you can go on over to Beverly's Blog at How Sweet the Sound and view other Pink Saturday Posts!


Darlene said...

As always, beautiful pink flowers...just lovely! I love your Pink Barbie clock radio...cute!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

do you need extra gardener? coz I am offering myself.. hehehehe I love all the flowers you have in your beautiful garden.. thanks for sharing.. have a great pink saturday day!

Just A Girl said...

HI Anne,
I love all your flowers, but your pink Barbie clock now that's something special and pink.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Cori G.

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

These two toned roses are fantastic!

~ Gabriela ~

bj said...

OMGosh...I have GOT to have a Barbie clock radio..cute cute cute..
love bj

Glennis said...

You have wonderful flowers - but I love the clock radio!! Is it vintage or a reproduction? It's really special!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Virginia said...

Love all your pictures!
Have a Happy Pink Saturday and a Wonderful Labor Day !
Blessings, Virginia

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Ann!

Pretty Pink Saturday post! I LOVE the Brabie radio and the bug catcher! I know Harper LOVES coming to Grandma Ann's house! Have a wonderful weekend!


Suzie Button said...

Your pink flowers are gorgeous, but the pink Barbie clock is to die for! Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pink flowers and goodies you showed us today. those double delights really are...

Dawn said...

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the Barbie radio too! What a great treasure.
Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pink flowers, but that clock radio takes the cake! It's adorable!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Katie said...

My fav rose of all time the Double Delight, most fragrant (to my nose), longest lasting cut too, just love those roses. Lovely post, Happy Pink Saturday! Sure love your blossoms!

SmilingSally said...

That radio is vintage for sure!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have some lovely pink flowers to show today! I want a pink waterlily for my pond. I only have yellow.

Jessica said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I noticed you have a parrot, he's beautiful. We have a parrot named Riley. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Ann.

I have a Double Delight, too. It is one of my favorites.

Awesome Barbie clock. Was it yours?

Sweetie said...

You have gorgeous flowers. Each is unique and the photos are gorgeous. The Barbie clock radio is really special - something that I have never seen before.

Susan Hickam said...

What incredible flowers! Loved them all but that gerbera daisy was a wonderful shade. Loved the clock radio eventhough I'm not much on Barbies.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Such pretty pink, but you all ready know this...the daisy if my fave. I love daisies.

Celestina Marie said...

Love the pink Barbie clock and your flowers could win a blue ribbon. Just gorgeous.
Happy Labor Day,
la rea rose

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your pink flowers are wonderful---I just recently "discovered" lantanas and I love yours! Your g.daughters bug holder and net are so sweet--bet that is fun, huh, grandma? Oh, I adore that Barbie radio! A fun post to visit! Thank you. Dana

Joanne Kennedy said...

I am going ga ga over that Barbie radio. That is darling.

Is it vintage or a copy?


Missy Wertz said...

Oh Annie! Double Delight is my favorite Rose!!! I have a Beam plate of one of his painted roses. It is beautiful. Alabaster is beautiful. The rest of your crew is as well. We used to have a shih tzu. I loved him so. My favorite dog of all time.

Happy Pink Saturday!

kari and kijsa said...

Great pink post! Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Your Pinks are wonderful, I have a beautiful peach colored latina in my front yard. Have a great holiday weekend.

Dawn said...

Okay the pink Barbie clock radio IS to DIE for! Happy Pink!

Christie said...

Hey Annie! I love all of your flowers...they are gorgeous. The pink barbie clock and the butterfly net are so cute! I'd love for you to teach me how to do mosaics! You are the one that I had seen that creates mosaics. I'm so glad you stopped over...Have a great week sweetie!


Anonymous said...

I love your flowers, especially the lily, cool clock!


Unknown said...

Pretty pink flowers but I just love that pink Barbie clock! Wonderful, wonderful!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly net!

Betty said...

Your garden must be so pretty! That's a great Barbie clock too!

Anonymous said...

Such delicious pinkness!


Your flowers are gorgeous but your retro Barbie clock takes the cake!

Margie said...

Ohhhhh! The roses surely are a *pink* Double Delight! And I love that *pink* Gerbera daisy, what a beautiful shade of *pink* with white tips! Just lovely! And I adore that Barbie clock radio, too!

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