Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Blooming Today!

Today is blooming Tuesday hosted by Jean at Jean's Green Thumb. Since I am not at home but at one of our vacation homes, I thought I would post what is blooming there in my garden!

One of my favorite flowers is Shasta Daisies. They are so easy to care for and so low maintenance, they seem to take care of themselves while I am gone.

Because we have gophers and ground squirrels so bad eating all our plant's roots, I have most of my flower's root ball in a huge chicken wire cage burried underground. It works great!

The bees are so much fun to photo!

My roses are so full of blooms, when ever I go there, I make sure I cut off all the dead roses to promote more blooms!

My little black bear looking over my garden while I am not there

So after doing a little gardening we all took off for a little ride. Don't we have the cutiest hood ornaments on our boat? They love to go for a boat ride!


Suzanne said...

As much as I love the flowers the wildlife you have have is my favorite! That bear and the "hood ornaments" are darling. The Shasta Daisies are so pretty and such a bright white -- love the bee too.

Anonymous said...

I love your "hood ornaments"! :) The Shasta Daisie and Roses are gorgeous! And the picture of the bear fantastic shot.

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a great life you have. A vacation home, a boat, beautiful flowers and darling dogs! What more could a girl ask for.

I love your pictures. You take great photos!


Aiyana said...

Yellow is my color this week, so I think your yellow rose is gorgeous. It's funny how I get in the mood for certain colors from week to week! During our spring, I mostly see yellows, so I like reds and pinks then. Spring has long past, so I'm craving yellow!

kesslerdee said...

Beautiful flowers! The Daises are perfect!

Dawn said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! My Shasta daisies have come and gone, as are my roses. I am not much of a gardener. I just keep my fingers crossed that they all keep blooming!

take care,

Tracy said...

Nothing says summer like roses & daisies! Love your little black bear offering flowers...and your fur babies basking in the sun--so sweet! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Your flowers look wonderful. And, I do think you have cute hood ornaments. Animated, too. ;-)

Deborah said...

Your roses are beautiful! I need to get out and do some garden is getting ahead of me!
I love shasta daisies too!

Deborah said...

I forgot to mention...the pink flowers you asked about are called lavatera...from the mallow family.

Jean said...

I love daisies but the yellow and white roses are breathtaking! Just beautiful! Jean

Unknown said...

More fab pix!!! I too adore daisies. They were actually the flower my mom decorated with for her wedding, that is how much she loves them!

I love the doggies too!! So sweet!


Kelli said...

Your Shasta Daisies are so pretty and I love your roses too! What a lovely summer garden!
P.s Your hood ornaments are too cute. :0)

Darlene said...

You do have the most beautiful flowers!!! I think your hood ornaments are my favorite though!!!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Oh that lake looks familiar to me! I so wish I was right up there with the canines. I'd be happy to be a hood ornament :0).
Enjoy your time there! Did you feel the shaker up there too? Check in to let us know you are okay.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I loved strolling among your blossomed beauties. : )

. said...

Love the daisies!

And yes, those are the absolute cutest hood ornaments!!!


Ann said...

Great photos! I love daisies! Yes, you do have cute hood ornaments!

Donna Lynn said...

Love the doggie hood ornaments! I have a picture of Honey our dog on my sidebar, we have a red and white boat too! Fun! What kind is yours? We have a 23 foot SeaRay that has a lovely cabin in it with the most beautiful feature...a potty!!! Yea!!!
Looks like your having a wonderful time with your hubs and the pups. Thanks for sharing it with me,

Rowena said...

I love the little black garden bear! And the dogs...of course they are the cutest. :-)

I want to thank you for leaving that wonderful memory over at my blog. We had rabbit leftovers last night, and my husband went and ate the head! Of course he grew up eating that stuff but I just couldn't bring myself to eat it, even if I have no problem cooking it. It will take me some time ;-)

Beautiful flowers, and it was interesting to read about the problem of gophers and the use of chicken wire. I know that moles are a problem here but I haven't heard about other burrowing pests. Fortunately for us, the mountain's hard soil doesn't seem to be too inviting to these creatures. Or it could also be that they don't want to get involved with our two dogs!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello My Dear Friend Ann!

LOVE all your flowers at the cabin! You have the greenest thumb on the west side of Mississippi! heehee!


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

I found your blog during a search for mosaics. I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your wonderful pictures. I'll be visiting again, for sure!

Paula said...

Oh, so pretty, Ann! You took a wonderful picture of the honey bee! *sigh* I love little honey bees...
And I love those daisies!!

joyh82 said...

I love those daisy's...I had a lot of them in my yard at my old house. Now I have mostly lilies.
I love rose's too but don't have much luck with them.

Eve said...

I just love those pink roses. And I am way partial to furry hood ornaments. When I started tole painting, I would practice on shasta daisys. They are one of my favoirte flwoers.

teacupsandpoodles said...

Whatwonderful pictures! How pretty your flowers are!
Mary Ann

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